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 Sunny summer days have started, so it’s time for ice candies, beach days, shorts and flip-flops. It also means that summer vacations are near and your kids might be more interested in going out than staying home. As a parent, you know that comfort trumps style for kids’ clothing, but what if we told you that you don’t have to be in an either/or situation, you can get both for your kids? Yes! Comfort and style are Rookie’s mantra in boys fashion clothes, from jeans shorts for boys to joggers and girls’ fashion clothes, from dresses to shorts.

Here are a few ways you can upscale those casual shorts for your kid’s summer days:

  1. Prints

The best way to upscale any casual outfit is to add prints. Instead of those plain, monotone colored shorts, try these Jordon Comic Ooze Shorts from Rookie USA and pair this with a plain white tee to give it a more relaxed look. Let the shorts do the talking and act as a statement piece. The shorts are best for all the running and chasing your kids will do.

  1. Color Block

Summers are of bright colors and prints, pair these Jordon Dri-fit Diamond Shorts from Rookie; it’s an electric blue color which is stylish and comfortable for all the jumping and moving around. Style this with a grey or white tee to enhance the electric blue.

  1. Co-ord sets

Finding something trendy yet comfortable when your kid wants to shoot some hoops in the garden is a task. Co-ord sets are the new trend and are the most versatile piece. Jordan tank top and shorts are a pair that can be styled individually and together. Co-ords are usually easy to style since they are already set, and you don’t have to think much about what clothes to style with one particular item.

  1. Jumbled Set

 Parents want their kids to stand out and are unique. If you don’t want to get into the craze of co-ord, try this Jordan Air Jumbled Set. It is a grey short sleeve t-shirt with a crew neck and graphic print all over, which is paired with Mesh shorts, elastic waistband and Jordan logo

  1. Split shorts

Move over casual and graphic shorts. Try this Converse throwback split mesh shorts with two colours, black and blue, which adds an edge to the outfit. It is made of mesh fabric and breathable, so you won’t be choosing comfort over style for your kid.

Comfort triumphs fashion, especially if your kid is an outdoor activities enthusiast. Try these and more such comfortable, friendly stylish kids’ clothing from Rookie USA.

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